Why Do Business With Me?

I was originally licensed in insurance in 1978 … and I hated it! I was brought into the business by people who did not have the same ideas of doing what was right by the client I had. And since I did not have the insurance knowledge to separate from them, I just quit. I left thinking I would never work in insurance again.

I accepted a position working in a construction office and this quickly morphed into being the owners right hand man. I essentially ran all projects from the ground up. Another man supervised the underground. I loved this job, and I dealt with a variety of very interesting projects. But then the recession hit, and the high interest rates and quickly we went from a successful mid-level commercial contractor in Stockton CA to not having enough work. I had to find something else to do. So, I spent the latter part of 1981 looking for other opportunities in the commercial construction trade, but the interest rates had put a damper on just about everything.

Michael P. Myers

Eventually I begin thinking about using some of the skills I had learned in the Construction Trade in another field and wondered if I could apply them to the Insurance business. I won’t say it happened overnight, but I began my journey to do this in early 1982. I initially worked with more experienced men … and men from various parts of this business. Within a couple of years, I was in a partnership, and we set out to market insurance differently than it had been done before. We had some successes, and some not-so-great experiences, but through it all I learned a lot of the ins and outs of multiple parts of this business. This is not the normal way it is done, but it is how I wanted to do it.

Eventually I decided that I only wanted to work by myself. You may wonder why. Wouldn’t it be easier to let others do some things? Yes, it would be easier. But I wanted to know that what my clients were told is correct.

And so, this is what I want to share with you. When you work with me, you will always be given the best I can give you. If I tell you something, I am giving you the benefit of my experience.

Am I an expert in everything? Of course not. I do consider myself an expert in many of these things however, and if I am not an expert, I have people I can get the proper answers for questions affecting you. And I have the experience to evaluate the answer before presenting the idea to you, my client.

So, I invite you to have a conversation with me and see if I could be of benefit to you. It costs you nothing except for the 10 or 15 minutes we initially talk. Give me a call at (209) 390-1163 or send me a message using the contact form on my website.

I look forward to talking to you.

Michael P Myers
CA License 0561502

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