Other Services

Although we are an insurance agency, our services do not stop with “insurance”. We are primarily a service to assist people with things that we are equipped to help them with.

We began doing things that were not “insurance” for insurance clients. They would ask us about something or tell us of a situation they were dealing with, and we would offer our suggestions. In time, this became us doing things for them.

What kind of things?

1. Letters to Companies when a problem existed. Helping them resolve whatever the situation requires.
2. Assisting in the filling out of various forms that a person must fill out. This has been done for many of my clients, mostly seniors who may never needed deal with these matters when their spouse was alive.
3. Business representations of many different types.
4. Representing small service providers with contract negotiations.
5. Many, many other things.

These things are not “insurance” at all, but they are things that must be handled.

Let’s talk.

If would like to find out if we can help you in any way, simple send us a message through our contact form or call us at (209) 390-1163.

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