Medicare Supplements & Related Insurance

I have been helping folks understand their choices when getting on Medicare since 1982. Over the years, this has become much more important because the choices are more diverse. To add to this, advertising can be somewhat confusing because things are not the same in all states, nor even in all counties. This is where we come in. We explain to you what the choices are and after talking to you, we may make recommendations based on what you tell us.

Medicare is basically broken down into four “parts”:

Part A – This could be called the hospital. It includes some other things. Part A most people qualify for at no cost. You get this automatically when going on Medicare.

Part B – Part B is Doctors, Labs, and similar items. Part B a person pays for, usually as a deduction from their Social Security check.

Part C – Part C is not really a “part” in the same sense as A & B. It combines Part A and Part B into a private plan administered by an Insurance Company. A person opting for Part C (sometimes called Medicare Advantage) continues to pay for Part B out of their Social Security check. Each of these plans differ by COUNTY. What may be good in one county may not be available or as good in another.

Part D – Again, this is not a “part” in the same sense as A & B. Since Medicare does not cover most prescription drugs, this is a way of getting one’s drugs covered. This changes every year and so must be re-evaluated considering changes to the plans, possible new plans, and changes in a person’s own medications.

Medicare is not intended to pay all costs of Health Care. At the same time, it does a very good job of providing a basis of care. A person should consider purchasing a separate Medicare Supplement or one of the other options available to them.

My personal philosophy is that it is usually best for a person to get on a plan and not have to make changes. This can usually be done with a Medicare Supplement. Of course, this cannot be done with a Part D (prescription) plan.

Here is what I offer to my clients: I go over this material and simplify it. Then a person can make an intelligent choice.

I follow up each year if there are any changes that seems warranted (or could be warranted).

When the time is right, let’s have a conversation. It is usually best to look at this 3-6 months prior to turning 65.

Let’s talk.

Give me a call or just shoot me a message to schedule a time for me to call you. I’ll call you back and do what I can to assist you. I’m here to help.

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