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I have been licensed as an insurance agent since 1978 and continuously active since 1982.

In recent years, there has been a trend in the insurance world to have sites where people just click on a link and sign up. Whereas that sounds good this leads to people not always choosing what would serve their needs best or thinking they will qualify for a rate that only a small percentage of people are able to get.

I am a strong believer in having a conversation with my clients and prospective clients. Now how we do this is up to you. In most cases I can meet with you in your home, or we can have a video “meeting” and if none of those will work, just a conversation on the phone. We never spend very long on the first time we talk. This is for me to gather enough information to be able to provide a good choice for your needs.

Michael P. Myers
Michael P. Myers
Licensed Insurance Agent & Consultant
Phone: 209-390-1163

If a person decides they wish to move forward, I may use some of the same tools you see on other agency websites. However, these will be made a lot simpler to look at and I walk a person through the process. I am licensed with well over 50 companies to best serve you. Or some would prefer the old-fashioned paper way of doing things, and I do that also.

I work alone. I made this choice back in the mid 80’s for the simple reason that I want what you are told to be accurate. And when I do not know something (not often) I find out before giving you “the answer”. This is simply the way I work, and I have found that most people appreciate my personal interest.

I never charge you “extra” to provide information.

If you call me, you will get me. If you get my voicemail, I’m going to call you back – usually within an hour.

Let’s talk.

Call me at 209-390-1163 or fill out my contact form and I will call you at a convenient time.


“Mr. Michael Myers greatly impresses me with his knowledge, mixed with actual common sense. That’s a rare combo! My experience with Mr. Myers has shown him to be prompt, professional, and possessing an excellent talent of being able to explain it all to anyone who doesn’t run in those business circles. Comforting, and calming are wonderful qualities in an advisor.”

C. Lee Simons – Local Radio Personality

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