Why Does A Business Agent Do?

by Michael on December 8, 2017

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I really can’t say what other Business Agents do, but I can tell you what I offer.

Over the many years I have been in the insurance business, I have on several occasions gotten involved in helping one of my clients in some manner.

Sometimes this was as simple as drafting a letter for them to respond to some matter. Other times it involved filling out forms they did not know how to fill out. And then there is the time I assisted a client in selling their interests in an oil well. I’ve negotiated contracts, settlement negotiations in a dispute, helped with labor disputes and many other matters.

What it is not is practicing law. If an attorney is needed, I will refer you to an attorney experienced in your situation.

But if what you need is help with filling out forms or representation in negotiating with another party (think sports agent and apply to any type of business matter) or anything that you may feel uncomfortable handling, why not let me tell you if I can be of service? I’m here to help.

I also act as an outside consultant for businesses, providing third-party objectivity to their situation.

Call me at 209-390-1163. The phone call is free.

Or schedule time with me on my calendar and I will call you.

Let’s talk soon!

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