Reasonable Steps to Safeguard Your Health

by Michael on November 13, 2017

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We all get busy in life. We have periods when it seems we cannot take time to just breath. At the same time, we may have this nagging feeling about our health. Perhaps a friend gets sick or even passes away. And we think about our own health. How can we set our mind at ease and eliminate needless worry and stress?

One way is by taking the time to visit our physician and being checked out with screening tests. Especially after age 50, this should be done annually. Blood and urine tests, along with prostate exams and breast exams for women can settle the mind. Tests can also reveal things that we may adjust in our diet to reduce the risk of illness. Knowing ahead of time, before it causes us a problem, can settle the mind.

This should include a screening for Skin Cancer. Experts differ in their recommendations in this area, but we could ask our primary physician. He may do this himself, or refer you to a dermatologist. Did you know that this is the most common form of cancer? Did you know that there are insurance policies available, very reasonably priced, that can contribute to your income should you have to undergo cancer treatment. Health insurance may (or may not) pay for the treatments, but there are other hits to one’s income from loss work. These types of policies fill in the gap. To know more, give me a call, or schedule some time on the phone with me. I will explain how these work. Just click here:

The leading cause of death for BOTH men and women is heart disease. It pays to screen to find indications that problems may develop so that changes may be made to prevent this from developing. And by knowing all is well, this too may ease our minds. Again, just as there are for Cancer, there are special policies that can provide needed income should a person undergo a Critical even such as this. Want to know more? Contact me:

Just by spending an hour or so with your doctor once a year you can set your mind at ease. I encourage all, especially those over 50 to do so.

And I too can help contribute to your peace of mind by you knowing that should something like this happen, you will not have the double-trouble, the problem itself and not enough funds to fight it. Contact me for more information. You will know enough in 10 minutes to know if this is something that is for you or not.

As always, I work hard to “Provide Solutions That Work”.

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