How Does A Person Know What Insurance is Best?

by Michael on November 1, 2017

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In recent time there has been a trend toward putting insurance quotes online and people simply selecting what they feel is good. I was an early proponent of this. However, over the years I have found that the idea is good, the execution – not so much.

The reason is things change so much and so fast. Add to this the fact that all products are not available to be purchased this way, and this tends to give a person inaccurate, or at least incomplete, information in which to make a decision.

This is why I have removed all references to products on my website.

Instead of this, I have installed multiple ways for you to talk to me. You may send me a message, and I will either call you or email you back and answer your question. Or, schedule 10 minutes with me on the phone.

After talking, I may suggest sending you a link to enroll in a product, or I may suggest getting together for an hour or so where I illustrate ways to meet your needs.

But whichever way it goes, I promise to always act in a consultant manner. Never any pressure to buy something.

And my knowledge of over 30 years is available to you (and usually at no cost) simply by talking to me for a few minutes, on the phone or in person – always your choice.

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