Practical Options to Save Money On Health Insurance

by Michael on June 26, 2012

in Health insurance

No one can dispute that health insurance has risen in cost considerably over the past decade. What options exist for a person who just cannot afford to keep the $1,000 deductible, $15 co-pay at the doctor’s office plan?

What should a person do if they are in a plan that just keeps costing more and more and more and it seems as if the increases will never end and at the same time they may be experiencing shrinking resources with which to pay the premiums with?

Well as challenging as all this is – it is not all doom and gloom. One should realize that we (meaning our society) adopted the attitude that health insurance should leave little or nothing for an individual to pay based on employers providing this benefit as a means of attracting and retaining good employees. But like many things – instead of helping – this “solution” led to higher and higher prices.

There are some practical things a person can do to deal effectively with the current realities. First, a person can raise their deductible to as high as they can be comfortable with. This way the very expensive type insurance is only for very expensive bills and a person lowers it to as low as is possible. There are then other policies that can be purchased to cover the smaller bills (and these often will not rise in cost). The net result is almost always both better coverage and lower costs.

Another of these underlying “policies” is actually not a policy at all. It is what is being termed “Tele-Medicine“. As more and more of the physician groups change physicians and nurse practitioners almost yearly, those of us that rely on their services are less connected with our doctor. If we see a different one virtually every time we go to the doctor – there is not really a chance to develop a relationship. “Tele-Medicine” allows you to care for many routine matters without ever going to the doctor’s office. These doctors may – after talking to you on the phone – order labs and/or routing prescriptions (we are not talking narcotics here) as is needed to treat your illness or condition.

These same places will – with a little effort from you – store you medical records, lab reports, etc. so that any doctor you see can look at these and make an informed decision as to what your needs are. If more is needed, they will not hesitate to tell you that you need to be seen locally.

The best part is – this is very inexpensive. You can go here for more information or simply call me. I’m here to help.

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