I don’t think it rocket science to note that anyone you talk to has financial needs. We need A Plan. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where that is OR you fail to look at a map and consider the options.

Men and women deal with these needs and/or perceived needs differently. Most women will usually say they’ve not taken care of their future needs well enough, whereas many men just don’t want to think (or talk) about it. Since I’m a man, I can say that although I am not fatalistic, my inclination is to not want to think about things I have no answers to. This inclination I have to fight, because it of course makes no sense. One cannot find a solution if one spends no time seeking the solution.

When it comes to doing planning, women are often more willing to do this, despite any insecurities they may feel. Men do tend to resist doing this.

Speaking of planning … Did you know that today – there are less people with life insurance than ever in my 30 years in this business. The odd thing is that life insurance costs much less today, than it once did. And its not just life insurance where planning makes sense, but also planning for the times we are ill and suffer in some accident. That is also part of planning.

Many think that this would be too expensive, so they never really get the information they need. But if you buy a cup of coffee or other drink of some type each work day, chances are you actually will think it’s quite cheap (since it likely will cost less than the drink) – and the good feeling that one has when taking care of this cannot be described in words. You have to experience it.

I can help you plan. I can give you the information you need to make good choices that will not only protect you and your family – but also give you a peaceful feeling that you will not experience from other things.

Call me today at 209-390-1163 OR toll-free 855-MPMYERS or click the email button to the right and send me a message.

I’m looking forward to talking to you.

Michael Myers


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