Why shop around?

by Michael on August 6, 2010

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With recent rate hikes on individual and group insurance plans, many experts are recommending that consumers shop around as many commonly do with auto insurance. For instance, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, in a recent statement said,

“As a consumer you need to shop around. A different provider may prove to be a better value for a particular individual or family’s needs, and all of them are looking for new customers. I encourage consumers who are not happy with their rates, co-pays, benefits or service to look at other options.”, says Poizner.

Honest, consumer based evaluation of health plans and carriers are really the need of the hour. We think that this is the role that the insurance intermediary should volunteer to take up. In fact, this is exactly what we have been doing for some time now.

Most people find insurance confusing. I am here to help. My only preference in insurers is the one that will fill your need and circumstances best. This is why I offer the selection of companies I offer.

Whether the need is group insurance, individual/family plans or Senior health plans (Medigap), I save people money with my “Solutions That Work”.

So if you do not have insurance and need it, or if you have it and think it’s too high, call me. I can help.

Call me at 209-390-1163 or 866-301-9652.

Michael Myers

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