The Many Advantages of Banking on Yourself …

by Michael on August 9, 2010

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I have talked some about becoming your own banker. This is called The Infinite Banking Concept. This concept requires a shift in mindset. This is because we have all been conditioned to borrowing money. But think about the advantages, 1) no debt, 2) money for retirement, 3) an automatic (and growing) estate, 4) a real retirement without the higher taxes we all expect and 5) and a person saves a LOT of money.

So the concept goes like this: a person has paid off personal debt using this concept. They now purchase their automobiles/trucks using this concept, and yet the money continues to grow. What now?

Now they are in position to take it to the next level. Many things they could do, but one idea is to lease equipment to their own corporation. The equipment is in their personal name, and they reap a profit from their corporation from the interest built into the lease.

There a lots of scenarios like this. But the first step is learning how to get started. That’s what I am here for.

Call me and let me show you how this concept can work for you.

Michael P Myers

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