Why giving free advice is good for everyone …

by Michael on July 13, 2010

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Over the thirty years or so I have been working in sales, I have seen sales gurus come and go. Their advice sometimes has merit, sometimes it simply does not. Some are genuinely interested in helping others in sales learn what it is people want and need. Others just like the sound of their own voice.

One of the worse pieces of self-proclaimed wisdom is the strong idea that a sales person should never become “an unpaid consultant”.

I could not disagree more. Here is why:

Product – no matter what it is – insurance, financial services, legal aid, plumbing, carpentry … well, you get the idea, no matter what it is – it’s just a commodity.

Customers form their strongest relationships with people who give the most value. In today’s selling environment, what you sell — be it a product or service — is, in itself, the least valuable thing that you offer. In fact, it is probably viewed by most buyers as a commodity
But good advice is something people do not get from very many people. Good advice trumps whatever the product is by a 1,000 percent!

So ask me any question about insurance. I am here to help, even if I don’t have something that will be useful to you. The worst case scenario is I will point you in the right direction. And if I can help you, I will give you the choices you need to make a good decision you will be happy with for a long time.

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