Why Insurance Today is Better (than that available before)

by Michael on April 16, 2010

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Being in the insurance industry since 1978, I have listened to people’s concerns. And I understood.

  • “I pay for life insurance, but I never get any benefit from it.”
  • “Yes, I need Long Term Care Insurance, but I can’t afford it.”
  • “I am worried about getting hurt or sick and not being able to work. But I can’t pay for life insurance and disability income insurance. It’s one or the other, so I guess it’s like insurance.”

In times past, I could understand why a person could feel that way. But today’s policies do more than yesterday’s policies.

I have a policy that I’d love to show you. It’s life insurance – but it’s also long term care insurance (and you won’t believe how good it is!), it’s also critical illness (cancer, etc), and it’s also disability income. You have got to see this for yourself!

If you work in law enforcement, or for the state government, you really need to look at this and compare it to your present program(s). You will be very pleasantly surprised!

Call me (209) 390-1163 or email me (michaelpmyers@gmail.com) and let me show you how good it is. You may even save money from what you are presently doing … it’s that good!


Disclaimer: From a legal standpoint, this is a life insurance policy. But it does the things I describe. This post is not intended to be a legal description. I provide that at the time of illustration (or before on request).

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