Six Reasons to Apply Online

by Michael on March 1, 2010

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Health insurance has always been something that I have advocated people talk to me about before applying.


For two simple but very important reasons;

  1. People have different expectations when they purchase health insurance, and
  2. Health insurance companies only give you the reasons to buy their product. They rarely discuss the thinking that goes into selecting a plan. They will give you all the legally required language (which no one reads), and they will stress the benefits, but they do not discuss things like, underwriting or how this particular health insurance plan fits into your particular goals, or how it fits into your budget (or doesn’t fit into your budget).

That is where I come in. I help a person think about those things – I provide the facts that a person needs to make a decision, before they get to the point of actually selecting a health insurance plan.

So why the heading: “Six Reasons to Apply Online” if I am telling you that you should talk to me first?

Because it’s irrelevant what I think. It’s what you think that matters. And the truth is, many people just want to do it that way.

So that is my first reason: it’s what you want to do. So in order, here are my “Six Reasons to Apply Online”:

  1. It’s what many people want to do.
  2. It saves time.
  3. You may do it in the privacy of your home, office, or the local Wi-Fi equipped coffee house.
  4. You can do it at midnight, if that is when you have time to do it.
  5. Privacy.
  6. It’s what you want to do.

Okay, the sixth reason is a repeat, but twice for emphasis, right? Really it comes down to the one reason. You don’t want to meet with someone, as this makes you feel obligated, and you want to just do it yourself.

I understand. And that is fine.

But remember my reasons that you should meet with me first? I’d like you to consider those reasons as being of benefit to you. And so the rest of what I write will deal with those specific things, and hopefully, what I write will benefit you. (But I am always here to help you, either on the phone or in person, should you find you need to know more).

So which of these scenarios fits your thinking best?

Scenario One: I think I’m in pretty good health. I don’t need health insurance for small stuff, but I do worry about something major happening.  California Residents Click Here

Scenario Two: I am in pretty good health, but it really hurts to have to come up with $1,500 for a doctor visit and a few lab tests! I want something that I know what it’s going to cost me if I go to the doctor just like what I use to have when I worked for XYZ Widget Company. California Residents Click Here

Scenario Three: I have some health issues and I don’t know if they will accept me. I know I can’t expect to get the same quality of health insurance I had when I worked for XYZ Widget Company, but I need to have something that will pay toward my costs if I have to go to the doctor or worse, the hospital. California, Kansas and Nevada Residents Click Here

And if you have health insurance, but would like to save money on Dental Expenses, Click Here

And of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for, or have questions, or just need some help sorting it all out, call me. I’m here to help.

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