Why I Prefer Medicare Supplements over Medicare Advantage Plans

by Michael on November 9, 2009

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There are 636,000 Medicare Advantage Plan Seniors that are being cancelled. About half of those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in my county are being impacted by this.

Now its true that some will find other plans to select from. But its important to understand that of the approximately 9,500,000 seniors still covered by Medicare Advantage Plans; many of these seniors are facing reduced benefits as many Medicare Advantage carriers are LOWERING BENEFITS TO SENIORS!
Simply stated, over 10,000,000 seniors are being impacted by the decisions being made in Washington.
I saw much of this coming, and this is why I have for a very long time advocated that Seniors – in most cases – are far better served by staying with Original Medicare and purchasing a separate, stand-alone, Part D (prescription) plan.

With the right Medicare Supplement, many, if not most, people – even after paying premiums – will have less out of pocket on health care costs.

For those impacted by this, (with a copy of their disenrollment letter), Medicare Supplements will be Guaranteed Issued with no waiting periods for any pre-existing health conditions. Everyone qualifies!

But even if this is not the case, let me help you decide what product serves you the best. I am here to help. Call me (209-390-1163) or email me today.

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