Good service means supplying the customer what they want.

by Michael on October 29, 2009

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A recent experience got me to thinking…

Our local grocery store is owned and managed by a nice family. The family has been in the community for over 100 years. Apparently they rely a great deal on their delivery people to “decide” what they will carry in their grocery store. I do not know why they choose to do this, but, convenience aside … I think they make a mistake by allowing others to decide what products they will carry.

Why do I say this?

Here’s an example:  My family enjoys a particular brand of Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Apparently we are not the only ones, as it is usually the first flavor to sell out at the local market.  Now, the way I see it – “supply and demand” dictates that if a product “sells out” consistently – you might want to stock more of it and less of some other flavor that doesn’t sell as well.

Not at our local market.  At our local market when the demand increased for this particular item – the ice cream delivery person simply stopped stocking it. This makes his job easier I guess.  So now, when he delivers his stock, there is not as much he needs to unload.  I can only surmise that the delivery man must be a simple wage-earner.

Now I assume my local market earns money on each item sold. But I have noticed that they follow this same logic with other popular items they sell.  If it sells well, evidently in order to not have to stock quite so often, they just don’t carry it any more.   I guess your store shelves remain filled this way, you require less personnel for stocking, and the quiet, easy going manner in which you’ve always operated remains uninterrupted.  More time for fishing that way.

Here at – we do not reason this way. We are here to serve you, our client. This means we are willing to work for you.  We sell you – not what is easiest for us – rather what our clients want and we work very hard to obtain exactly what you need. We take that very seriously, and we have for 30 years.

Next time you have an insurance need – call me. If I don’t have it, or can’t get it, I will likely be able to direct you someplace where you can get it. I won’t try to sell you Rocky Road – when what you want is Chocolate Chip.

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