The Health Care Debate … a little truth would be welcome.

by Michael on August 12, 2009

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Without being political, I cannot allow my readers to believe that what is being widely reported by the traditional news organizations is truthful. It is not. I have noted repeated misstatements and what I call endrounds (that is saying something that may be true in itself yet serves to obfuscate the listener).

The Health Proposal in Congress is long. Few if any know everything that is in the bill. However, a Duke Professor did an analysis on it and I thought it worth posting. He allows the language in the Bill to speak to the questions. No interpretations … just a reprint of what is in the Bill.

This in no way addresses all of the concerns people have about this issue, but it does a pretty good job addressing some of the false reporting going on by those who seemed to have forgot what the word “reporter” means.

There is a lot more to this, but my pupose here is to educate, not editorialize. But, if there is anything I can answer for you, please do call me or email me.

Michael Myers

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