Plan for the inevitable … (and control your costs doing so)

by Michael on August 20, 2009

in Final Expense,Funeral Insurance

My recent post about our personal experience involving Cathi’s aunt’s funeral and the need for final expense was one I especially wanted to write. No one wants to go to a funeral, but death is inevitable and not planning for it is a mistake that only the survivors pay the cost (both emotionally and materially). Fortunately, Cathi’s aunt was an especially practical woman and had things well in hand.

The need for this type of planning simply cannot be overemphazized and its so easy to do! I feel good about being able to help people with this.

Cathi found this blog about the same thing today. They say, when it rains it pours. To have to deal with one family member is tough, not to mention the amount this man is having to deal with, all within weeks of each other. But he does a very nice job pointing out why this type of planning is so very important.

My services are free. The planning instrument is free. Funding can come either from your own sources or through final expense plans or annuities – both of which I handle. (And yes, I am paid from the companies involved).

Can I help you with this?

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