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by Michael on June 26, 2009

in Dental Insurance

It is often the case that when talking about health insurance, I am asked about dental insurance. Traditionally, excellent dental plans could be found in the over 10 employee group market, but plans were not available that I wanted to recommend to the smaller group market or individuals/families.

Why? Because the plans differed by size. Plans available to over 10 employees were benefit rich due to the ability to garner premium in sufficient quanity to deliver rich benefits. But when an individual purchases dental insurance, it is assumed they intend to use it. To get the rich benefits (in the over 10 employee market) its known that some will not use it. That is how an individual, in an emplyee group, could benefit from a richer plan. That is how insurance works. But all of this goes out the window if its just you or me wanting a plan. Therefore, I rarely showed dental plans. I just didn’t feel good about recommending a plan that cost $50 to $70 per month yet delivered relatively low benefits. But now I am able to recommend three Dental Discount Plans. They are NOT insurance. They are, as the name implies, discount plans.

This means that dentists have joined a network and if you have the services of that network, you get a reduced rate on dental services. But here’s the really great thing: the disount is often close to what an insured dental plan paid. This differs widely, but you get the idea. Under these discount plans … no one pays it. You simply pay what the reduced rate is … which as I’ve stated often approximates what you would pay if you had an insured dental plan!

The cost is low. I offer three plans, none of them more than $200 per YEAR per FAMILY (less for individuals).

You can check which dentists are on the plans, simply by entering your zip code.

How To Sign Up For A Dental Discount Plan

  1. Click on Dental  
  2. If you’d like to check for providers, enter your zip code. If not, go to step 3.
  3. Click on Join Now
  4. Choose Plan
  5. Follow Links to Purchase

Call me if I can answer any questions or guide you through the process.

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