So … how do I retire?

by Michael on May 14, 2009

in Retirement,Taxes

People work their whole lives to enjoy retirement. But with the recent problems we’ve had, some wonder “just how do I retire”?

In times past, people did things conservatively. In recent years, this strategy was often been mocked  and people went for the bigger and better. It seems though that conservative has its benefits.

I advocate some “bigger and better” while younger, but conservative when older. Annuities will often serve this role very well. But there is more to it than just buying an annuity.

There is also choosing the right options at retirement – and more importantly, planning for those choices ahead of time. This is what the retirement analyzer can do. I offer this as a free service to help a person plan. There is nothing like knowing what you are going to do – and then being able to do it.

Just ask, and I will show you how to best use this – as it applies to your situation.

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