Dental Plans – Can Individuals find a good one?

by Michael on May 11, 2009

in Dental Insurance,Health insurance

As an insurance agent and broker, I am driven to provide value to my clients. For this reason, I have never been real big on individual/family dental insurance.

This is because dental insurance, unlike health insurance, does not protect against the big loss. It is always capped, and usually relatively low.  A company cannot sell and service a product where what they charge cannot begin to cover what they have to pay. Simple economics. This is why groups, especially large groups, can get good dental insurance. A lot of people, relatively few use it, and so the company can pay out more than they take in (for the individual). But this is not true when it’s only an individual/family buying the plan.

At the same time, however, dental insurance is one of the most sought after – I think even more than health – insurances out there in the individual/family market. So what is the solution?

I should ask what is “a” solution? One good solution is buying a good dental discount plan. It isn’t insurance, although you may see little difference in what your coverage is between these plans and some dental plans. And they are available at a much, much, lower cost. In these, the dentists who are members give a little – like free exams (and other things) and discount other services. They do this because its cost effective for them – as opposed to advertising and other costs of gaining clients.

With that in mind, I am offering what I think could be very useful to a lot of people. Let’s just call it: REALLY GOOD DENTAL PLAN(S).

Call me if you have questions. But whether you have questions or not, could you let me know what you think? I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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