And did you think that CMS would only tinker with Medicare Advantage Plans?

by Michael on May 8, 2009

in Health insurance,Medicare

The Wall Street Journal reports on efforts to reduce payouts to hospitals under the Medicare Program. Essentially, they claim that Hospitals are padding their bills, and the Hospitals claim that they are losing money on Medicare Patients.

Two things, you my reader need to know.

1) This action, if implemented will further drive up costs for those under age 65 and their health plans. This is a trend which has been going on for sometime, but of late, I believe it’s worse than ever. The impact of these decisions are much greater than any savings anticipated, and

2) Although this will impact Medicare and Medicare Supplements, expect it to impact Medicare Advantage plans even more. This is yet more reason to stick with Original Medicare and purchase a good supplement.

Of course, some are better served by a Medicare Advantage program … but I think actually relatively few.

Ask me what I think best serves your needs – and I not only will tell you, I will explain to you why I tell you what I do.

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