The “rules” in insurance planning are quickly changing …

by Michael on March 16, 2009

in Health insurance,life insurance,Medicare

We sometimes get caught up in “the best way” of doing something. We determine the “best way” by taking into consideration facts and evaluating against choices. But sometimes we forget, “facts” change.

There is a need to re-evaluate as facts change. This can be the “facts” of our own lives, or it could be external “facts” that we do not control.

Both in the areas of life insurance and health insurance those external “facts” are changing fast. Tax law changes, government policy and just the current state of financial matters in America means that we cannot accept things that were “facts” as still being necessarily true.

I help people evaluate past choices in light of current events. I do this for free. Why do I do it for free? Very simple. About 1 in 10 people I will tell that I think their situation warrants no changes. About 3 in 10 people should but cannot make changes due their health or other reasons, but at least they know what their options are. This leaves 6 in 10 people that I can improve their situation. I get paid for my services from the companies who sells the services or products I recommend. I represent enough companies, that I am able to find the product or service that will benefit my client, without ever having to settle for something that does not meet my definition of good.

I’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. Why not let me help you?

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