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by Michael on March 5, 2009

in Taxes

istock_000001587198xsmallThere are many excellent tax preparation software programs available to those wishing to prepare their own taxes. However, some have found  my tax preparation services very useful, especially if they have questions regarding any part of the process.

For those having a simple return with just a “normal” job, the cost of my service is not so much different than buying the software and doing it yourself (and you have the advantage of having my advice!).

I work a lot with self-employed individuals, and people in small business who enjoy the convenience and affordability of my tax preparation services.

  • I offer my services throughout the year.
  • I will work on a consultant basis (tax filing included) and have saved clients many times the cost of using my services.
  • I can also simply save you the hassle of doing your taxes.

For a free – no cost – analysis of what I can do for you, email me or
phone me at 209-390-1163.

Michael Myers

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