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by Michael on August 18, 2008

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There are a lot of insurance agencies with websites up. All of them can and will sell you insurance. Why should you do business with me?

Let me tell you a little about myself. I kind of fell into this business. I was a project manager for a small to midsize General Contractor in Stockton CA. The money got tight, and the silent partners in major projects pulled out, and there was no money to build. I had an insurance license, but had frankly had fairly miserable experience and did not want anything to do with selling insurance. However, the money continued tight (this was in the very early 80’s) and I had a friend who was selling insurance. To make a long story short, we formed a partnership, that led to a corporation that led to … well, me leaving and working alone.

I have worked alone since, although I have many other agents I interact with. I do not have agents working for me. And the reason is very simple. I am absolutely fanatical that people asking questions of me, get an honest and straightforward answer.

Sometimes that means … not selling anything. But that is okay, because the clients that I have stay with me. They do not leave, because they know, I tell them the truth, … even if it’s not what they want to hear. My business philosophy is that it is better to not have the sale than to have the sale and someone suffers because of it.

So whereas this may make me a lousy salesman, it also means that I don’t tell you something unless I know it’s true. This is how I do business.

And the truth is, it is a rare occasion that I cannot help someone by improving their situation or saving them money. It’s what I do. I really look for ways to accomplish things that (most) other agents are not spending the time to learn about and share with their clients. It’s why my clients rarely leave me.

Call me, or email me with any question, and let me show you what I do.

Michael P Myers

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