But I never get sick …

by Michael on August 28, 2008

in Accident Insurance,Health insurance

Sometimes I have people tell me, I don’t get sick. Well, some people just don’t get sick … until they do.

For these people I often recommend a high deductible health plan. Then they are covered if and when they do get sick.

But some people, although they “don’t get sick” worry about accidents.

For these ones, I say – “Buy a high deductible health plan and a very low deductible accident plan“. This way, you are covered for the small dollars if you have an accident, and you are covered for the large bills no matter what happens.

Click on accident above to see the accident plan, but please email me for a quote on the health plan. I will match it to whichever accident plan makes sense to you. Just click on my picture for my phone number and email addresses.

Michael Myers

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